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Developing a robust and usable mobile application is not an easy task. However understanding the process helps in accomplishing the end goal and producing fantastic results.
  • 1

    Defining a clear goal

    Clearly define the purpose and mission of your mobile app.

  • 2

    Wireframe Creation

    Your ideas and features takes a clearer picture with wireframe creation, which is a mockup or prototype of the app.

  • 3

    Defining the back-end structure

    Setting up the backend & creation for the building block of an app

  • 4

    Management of users

    Managing user accounts and their authentication

  • 5

    Server side logic

    Server side logic is developed that is used to create the backend of the app

  • 6

    Customization of UX

    The customization of user experience decides how a user goes through the entire application

  • 7

    Data Integration

    Allowing users to access and share information to 3rd party websites such as social networking sites

  • 8

    Push notification services

    Development of push notification service that engage the user with the app

  • 9

    Caching of Data

    Creation of services that stores the data locally to improve the speed of the app

  • 10

    Synchronization of app data

    This phase brings the data together so that it can be accessed offline

  • 11

    Mock ups and wire-framing

    Mock-ups and wire-framing is developed that clear up the picture of the user interface of the app

  • 12

    UI Design and Development

    UI is designed and then translated into functioning user interface that is ready to be implemented on the app

  • 13

    UI Improvements

    Improvements and bugs fixing in UI are done

  • 14


    App testing in QC and QA teams to find bugs and remove them to make the perfect app

  • 15


    After heavy testing in both automated and manual quality checks, the app is finally deployed

  • 16

    Public Release

    App is pushed to Google Play, Apple Stores, and other mobile stores